We are designers with an objective: To weave efficiency and beauty into the development process. It takes far too long for developers to reach their projected targets, and the games industry suffers from setbacks, delays and missing deadlines far more than any other sector. How does this sentiment reflect on our consumers? As gamers, we know how it feels, and we believe that by streamlining the development cycle with more efficient code, easier and more multipurpose assets and constant live editing, developers no longer have to feel pressured to find a balance between quality and time. The creators of Dragon Gate, Overseer, Cubemap Converter and C3D, we are an independent development studio with a wide array of talent. Although our team consists of a small number of ex-RealmCrafter community members and staff, our current project aims to push the boundaries of indie and educational games development. Currently, we do not have the privileges of having our own office, or a stable, solid budget, as we develop software and games outside of our real-life occupations. We remain as a team because we share a vision: an industry with our name on it. With our software, independent developers will have endless possibilities at their fingertips.

Dragon Gate

On Hold

Dragon Gate is a fantasy MMORPG developed in the early days of Gajatix Software. Although the project remains unfinished to date, it was a chance for us to explore the problems within the game development industry our own personal challenges. We shifted the main assets to a new platform and will continue the project upon the completion of C3D.


Site: Caffeinated3D

Our flagship product and our main focus: Caffeinated3D is a game development platform and coding language designed to simplify the game development process by creating a modular, user-friendly C++ based language coipled with a limitless rendering engine and IDE. It boasts incredible performance, stunning visuals and ridiculous efficiency.

Cubemap Converter

Site: Cubemap Converter

CubeMap Converter is the ultimate lightweight solution to convert your cubemaps into HDRs. HDR images give you the best results but can be very expensive, especially when looking for quality while cubemaps are cheap and cheerful and can be found almost everywhere. CC closes the gap, letting the world have access to high quality HDR’s at very low cost!



The first iteration of a custom Gajatix engine, Overseer was based in Blitz3D and featured a more powerful OpenGL rendering platform on an existing outdated Blitz architecture. Most of the Overseer assets were shifted to C3D, and although the project was never commercially released, the SDK may be available on request.

The Team

We design and develop services for customers of all sizes, specializing in
creating stylish, modern websites, web services and online stores.

Zaven Boyrazian
Founder, Director
Edward Piggott
Administrator, Director
Mike Schumann
Lead Developer